Review of the Montage Elite Shiatsu Massage Chair

Our aim is to present a prospective massage chair buyer with an unbiased evalution and review of a provided massage chair. We have developed a five category technique to evaluate a massage chair. We give equal weight to each category and give to 20 points rating and then add them up to present an overall score. Our categories include Warranty &amp Client Service, Comfort/Ergonomics, Ease of Use, Characteristics and Massage Therapy. This systematic strategy forces us to a disciplined approach of evaluating a massage chair to help guide anyone hunting at massage chairs. The Omega Montage Elite shiatsu massage chair cost is in the Luxury variety of $ 4,000 to $ five,000.

Warranty &amp Buyer Service: Warranty and client service come from the firm that makes the massage chair. A warranty protects the consumer and buyer service have to rectify troubles one particular may possibly have. With the Montage Elite, Omega Massage covers five years on the frame, 3 years on components, 3 years labor and 90 days in-house service. Moreover, Omega has 1 year covering shipping. Omega provides a a lot more extensive warranty properly above the other makers in this category. Omega only covers 90 days in-house versus other folks with 1 year. With this exception, Omega gives sturdy warranty coverage. On the client service side, Omega overall is responsive and competent with minimal turnaround occasions. The Montage Elite is an 18 in Warranty &amp Customer.

Comfort &amp Ergonomics: A massage chair requirements to be comfortable and match the physique. A massage chair requirements to be much more valuable than just for massage. The Omega Montage Elite is comfortable and the upholstery is nicely padded and plush. The detachable head pillow is soft and the thickness is suitable. The Omega Montage Elite comes with a wireless remote handle about the size of a credit card for comfort. The foot rest is extendable out 4 inches for considerably taller men and women. Incredibly, this massage chair recliner fits individuals as short as 4′ 10″ to 6′ 6″. Our rating in this category is 19.

East of Use: Massage Chair producers are building in a lot more technologies and functions into their chairs. Customers need to be in a position to swiftly, effortlessly and intuitively comprehend how to use of a solution. The Montage Elite has several sophisticated features and several manual alternatives. The main remote manage has five auto programs and a wheel button for adjusting the footrest and chair back. This remote is pretty intuitive. The wireless remote is a distilled version of the principal remote and is easy in design and permits for practically all the controls of the massage. The only significant exception is the air stress on the reduce physique can only be adjusted from the main remote. Like most major remotes, a side panel consists of several manual controls including manual massages and adjustments to the reduced body air technique. The wireless remote is compact, practical and now a should have. The Montage Elite is a 19 in Ease of Use.

Essential Attributes: The most prominent features of the Omega Montage Elite are the Reduced Physique Traction and Footflex Reflexology foot massage. Omega constructed in a traction function to gently stretch out your lower back, hips, knees and ankles. The footrest is raised horizontally the airside activates to hold your ankles and then lowers successively to three positions. As the footrest lowers your muscle tissues and tendons are stretched throughout the lower physique. The Footflex reflexology utilizes airbags to hold and gently squeeze your foot at the arch and the heel at your reflexology points. Omega has brought the reduced physique air massages up to par with the back massage technologies. Omega has a thorough array of massage for the back, neck, shoulders and base of the skull. The Montage Elite is a 19 in Key Functions.

Massage Therapy: The Montage Elite has 5 full body automatic massages, four manual massages, 4 massage speed settings and in a total mixture of 64 manual massage courses. The manual massage strategies contain the following: Kneading, Tapping, Finger Press, and Kneading &amp Tapping (Shiatsu). The Kneading and Tapping functions have independent speed controls which permits you to adjust them in combination. The lower body massage is terrific, particularly with the reduced physique traction. Anything about being massaged and stretched to relieve those tensions. Loosen up to the music-massage synchronization function, which will massage you to the tempo of the music. The Montage Elite massage recliner has an arsenal of massage capabilities that will please the most discriminating, just superb. Our rating in this category is 20.

How does the Omega Massage Montage Elite stack up? All round, our rating of the Panasonic is an 95/100. Omega just packs the characteristics, conveniences and the luxuries into this shiatsu massage chair. Omega gives one of the strongest warranties guarding the buyer without selling an extended warranty. The Montage Elite has strong technologies, a striking design and style, ergonomic characteristics galore and complete massage therapy capabililties. With the extendable footrest, taller individuals up to 6′ 6″ can finally match in a massage chair. This is the luxury massage chair to beat!

To find the Very best Massage Chair for your massage therapy demands, peruse the articles, critiques and other relevant info to massage goods. Check out all the Montage Elite Massage Chair Attributes.

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