Massage Chairs Save You Thousands on Massage Therapy

With wellness care charges on the rise, every person is looking to save money. Overall health care is looking to automation to help offset expenses. Most industries transition from labor intensive to capital intensive. Now we are seeing the prospective of massage therapy transitioning to capital intensive or the use of machines/gear. With the rise of massage chairs, several massage methods can be delivered effectively with these chairs. How is money in fact saved in this scenario?

Let us take an example. We go to get our massage at the day spa. 1st, we need to have to get in touch with them and schedule a time. We are going to have travel time to go and come back from the massage. There is also the total time involved. Massage time is the bonus time the rest of the time can be regarded as the cost involved. The massage is not totally free, so we need to pay for the time of the massage and a gratuity. If we go three instances every single month, by the end of the year we are spending thousands.

Possibly you see a chiropractor. A chiropractor may possibly adjust you and then put you via different therapies to stimulate and loosen up your muscles. You may possibly want to do stretching and other activities to help you heal. Wellness insurance may cover some of these charges or if you are lucky all of these charges. The effectiveness of chiropractor visits is in the beginning. The chiropractor sets you on a course to recovery. In time, the effectiveness of the visits will start off to diminish, but the cost is nonetheless the very same or increasing. Once again, these bills can run you hundreds of dollars per month which turns into thousands of dollars per year.

Now, if you really need to have massage therapy, then you have possibilities. You can definitely see a massage therapist. A massage therapist is certainly a fantastic way to go, when you can afford both the time and the money. Even so, massage chairs are one more viable option. Massage chairs variety in cost from $ 599 to $ 5,999 and supply a terrific range of massage therapies and complete physique massages.

The interesting point is people appear at massage chairs as expensive. They see the total price of say $ three,000 and they feel, Wow! That is high-priced for massage therapy. But they actually do not appear at paying $ 75 plus tip after a week as expensive. Let us say that a massage therapist runs $ 75 plus tip at $ ten for a total of $ 85 per a one hour session. Let us assume that we go to the massage therapist once a week. How extended does it take until we spend for the cost of a $ three,000 massage chair? It requires 35 weeks or 35 massage therapy sessions.

When we look at the price of the masseuse on an hourly basis and we a paying $ 85 dollars. It would take us 35 hours of masseuse hours to purchase a $ three,000 massage chair. If we had been to acquire a massage chair for this price tag, how much massage therapy would we get. A massage chair in the midrange level of $ 3,000 would have a machine life of 1,000 hours. That signifies the massage chair is rated to final 1,000 hours below the warranty period. How considerably does it cost for an hour of massage therapy? To calculate this, divide the price of the chair of $ three,000 by the 1,000 hour rating and you are paying $ 3.00 per hour for massage therapy!

A massage chair gives you a tremendous return on your investment and lowers your massage therapy price significantly. Expense is just one area, convenience is yet another. A massage chair can offer you in-home convenience and 24/7 access. No hassle producing appointments or keeping them. With a massage chair, just sit oneself down and select the massage therapy of your decision. Let the massage chair work its magic to support you to relax and relieve your aches and pains with no hurting your wallet.

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