Cool Leading Finish Massage Chair

Omega Massage brings to you the very best massage chairs on the industry right now. The Montage Premier is Omegas leading of the line model which has the most comprehensive set of therapeutic massage attributes. Right here are some of the highlights of this extraordinary massage chair.

5 Automatic Applications: The Montage Premier has five pre-programmed massage treatment options that perform off one particular touch buttons. Every single of the 5 automatic massage remedies utilizes the functions of the complete chair for complete physique relaxation. There are particular themes associated with every single of the massage applications like Relaxation, Vitality, Activation, Morning and Night. Select the system that fits your wants at the time.

four Manual Programs: There are four manual massage methods. These 4 techniques are for targeting the back, neck and shoulders. You can pick from kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination kneading/tapping. Locate the massage method that is proper for exactly where you want a thorough massage.

Manual Massage Courses: The Montage Premier massage chair comes with six courses for the chair back. These six courses offer a targeted massage in the area chosen. Choices included with this massage chair recliner is upper back, middle back, reduce back and whole back. Additionally, there are two neck courses which are the upper neck and lower neck and shoulders. Pick the sort of massage approach you like and then where you want it and the Montage will soothe that region.

Air Compression Massage System: The Montage Premier massage chair comes with an air compression program. This system is driven by an air compressor that will inflate and deflate air bags located in the chair. The Premier massage recliner comes with airbags for the feet, calves, thighs, buttocks and arms. A compression massage helps to relieve tension in these locations by providing a firm compression massage. There are 4 levels of air stress to pick from with this recliner.

Reduce Body Stretching Function: The Montage Premier comes with a reduce physique stretch function. When you start off this function, the chair will stretch the muscle tissues from the hips, thighs, knees and ankles. The leg rest comes up to the horizontal position. The airbags then hold onto your feet and then the leg rest lowers to three distinct positions. As it moves down it stretches you out for some outstanding relief.

Full Physique Heat: Turn up the heat and soothe these aching muscles. The Montage Premier massage chair comes with heating elements built throughout the massage chair. There are heaters for the chair back, seat and the leg rest. These areas are controlled individually by the remote control where you can select which ones you want on at a provided time.

Music Therapy: Every single masseuse creates a relaxing atmosphere when providing a massage. They know that the thoughts should relax for the muscle tissues to unwind. The mind is feeding the tension, so by relaxing it with soft music, the body is far more responsive to massage therapy. Slip on the headphones and drift off while the Montage Premier goes to work on your aching, sore muscles.

Reflexology Massage for Feet: In massage, the feet are the gateway to relaxation of the physique. The feet take significantly of the anxiety of the physique as they should assistance the weight. Being on your feet all day is tiring and coming property to a reflexology foot massage is a fantastic way to end the day. Let the Footflex technology of the Montage Premier gently squeeze your feet and stimulate your reflexology points. Reflexology massage is thought to induce whole body relaxation.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive massage chair on the market place today, then you have located the Omega Montage Premier massage chair. This recliner requires well being and luxury to new levels. The wide range of capabilities and therapeutic treatments puts it in a class of its personal. This is also a massage chair that can match taller individuals up to 6′ 6″ tall. If you are looking for the greatest massage chair, then you have identified the Omega Montage Premier massage chair.

Searching for the Very best Massage Chairs on the market place today? Omega Massage is focused on possessing the very best features are excellent costs. View the Montage Premier Massage Chair and see its substantial characteristics list. This massage recliner has the very best feature set in its class.

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