Massage Chair Evaluation: Omega Model M2 Massage Recliner

If you want a complete body massage chair, but do not want to shell out thousands of dollars, then the M-2 Orion massage chair is just for you. This entry level massage chair packs a punch. The back massage is very invigorating and helps to loosen tight back muscle tissues. You get a full physique massage chair with the Omega M-2 Orion massage chair. Let it melt your tension away.

Automatic Programs: The Orion massage chair has 3 massage programs that are pre-programmed into the massage chair. Choose the system from the timed massages of five, ten or 15 minutes. The Orion sets out a therapeutic massage treatment for your relaxation pleasure.

3 Manual Massage Methods: The M-2 has 3 manual massage methods. Manual massage methods are distinct massage movements which are made to supply diverse therapy choices. These manual massages are applied by the roller mechanism contained in the chair back and are for relieving tension in the back, shoulders and neck. Pick from kneading, swaying and rolling. Kneading offers a side to side pinching motion. Swaying offers a side to side motion to loosen tight back muscle tissues. The rolling massage helps to slightly move every vertebra as the rollers move up and down the back.

4 Manual Massage Courses: A manual massage course is the location you would like covered by the massage rollers in the chair back. The M-two massage chair has four massage course settings. Select from full back, reduce back, upper back and pinpointing. Complete back covers the whole length of the back. Lower back concentrates the massage in the lumbar. Upper back concentrates the massage in the shoulders and neck. Pinpoint allows you to move the rollers to a precise location where the massage will be concentrated.

Massage In Seat: As element of the full physique massage treatment, you get eight massage heads incorporated into the seat. An further cushion is supplied for a softer massage. The massage heads provide efficient relief to sore muscle tissues of the buttocks and legs. Select from 3 levels of massage intensity.

Leg Massage: The leg rest of the Orion supplies soothing relief to the calves. Select from 3 levels of massage intensity to your liking. The massage supplies for relaxation of the calves. Target a particular location with the adjustable leg rest. The leg rest can be adjusted up to 4 inches in length. This is good to accommodate diverse users.

Sleek Appears: The Orion massage chair is a full sized chair. For an entry level chair, it delivers complete body massage coverage. You get complete back, seat and leg massage in a single sleek seeking massage chair. The remote is simple and simple to use. There is a built in remote holder under the armrest. The M-two massage chair is a steel fist in a velvet glove.

Get complete body coverage with the Orion massage chair. This sleek executive lounger comes with 3 soothing massage strategies. The sway technique is a excellent way to loosen up tight back muscle tissues. Grab a seat, recline the seat back and raise the leg rest. Decide on an automatic program and let the M-two go to perform. Close your eyes and let the massage penetrate although letting your thoughts go. Unwind, youre in the hands of the Orion massage chair.

Find out far more about the M-2 Orion Massage Chair from Omega Massage. If you are searching at entry level massage chairs, then check out how the M-two compares against others in its class. Omega has a total full line. Locate the Massage Chair just for your demands.

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