Panasonic EP MA20 KU Massage Chair

The Panasonic midrange massage chair is the model EP MA20 KU. This model is element of the Panasonic genuine Pro collection series. The chairs of this series chair at the exact same technology platform and feature sets. This is a modern styled massage chair with sleek sloping armrests and metal accents. The Panasonic EP MA20 KU massage recliner comes with a host of massage therapy options.

The Genuine Pro Collection massage chair series comes with the standard of three preset massage remedies and also the number of manual massage courses. This chair incorporates some new technologies in the intensity control sensor. This new sensor enables you to adjust the stress of the massage and real time.

Panasonic has created a new intensity control sensor which is embedded in the EP MA20 KU massage recliner. This control enables you to adjust the stress of the massage on the fly. This entry intensity control sensor enables you to even out the pressure applied by the massage roller mechanism.

A single of the intriguing massage techniques is the ultra fine kneading. Ultra fine kneading makes tight circular motions. It penetrates deeper and invigorate the muscle by way of to the bone. This is ideal for relieving knots in the back.

1 of the important elements of getting a massage remedy is the stimulation of your acupoints. There are virtually 350 acupoints in your whole body with practically 100 on your back and neck alone. The Panasonic EP MA20 KU targets these distinct acupoints for stimulation throughout the course of distinct massage remedies.

1 crucial technologies which is integrated into the Panasonic EP MA20 KU massage a lounger is the body scan. The body scan makes a virtual map of your back. It detects it your coordinates and three dimensions. The massage is then directed to massage your physique based on the coordinates gathered in the course of the physique scan. This assists to apply an even in a balanced massage.

The Panasonic EP MA20 KU massage chair comes with an air compression massage technique. The air compression massage program is equipped with a 14 specially made airbags. The air system is specifically made to supply relief to the bigger muscles of the physique using a compression style massage approach.

You can also find a foot reflexology massage and the EP MA20 KU massaging chair from Panasonic. Specially made reflexology plates gently invigorate the bottoms of your feet. This helps to loosen and relax the feet although enhancing the circulatory systems.

The remote handle comes with an LCD panel. This makes it easy to see precisely the massage functions which are operating. The buttons are easy and easy to use. It comes with a little panel which can be opened to reveal some of the manual functions.

You can pick from three automatic massage functions. Massage programs integrated with the Panasonic EP MA20 KU are Swedish, Deep, and Shiatsu. You can also manage the intensity of every of these massages.

These simple to use remote comes with three user memory functions. You can system it to keep in mind the final massage is performed. These can be saved beneath three different users. They can be recalled as you like.

The Panasonic EP MA20 KU enables you to recline back to 170. The energy recline of the massage chair facilitates you locating that the excellent position to acquire your massage. You can raise or reduce the chair back and ottoman independently.

One of the greatest models of the Panasonic Pro collection series is the EP MA20 KU massage recliner. This is an ultra modern day design with upholstery, metal and plastic. It has three automatic massage applications and the new intensity handle center. The Panasonic EP MA20 KU massage chair is an even and balanced massage throughout the program.

Get and even and balanced massage with the Panasonic EP-MA20 Massage Chair. An integrated stress sensors enable the user to adjust the intensity of the stress in real time. Learn much more about the Panasonic EP-MA20 Massage Chair and view why this lounger can suit numerous distinct needs. Soothing and relaxing massages.

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